Making Sawdust

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Art speaks and writes fluently in English or Spanish and would be happy to help you build the domino table of your dreams. More than just a game table, this is a genuine piece of "Artwork" that would grace any wall if hung up and adorn any room of the house where it is stored. If dominos is not your game, he also makes Mahjong tables and card tables. Take a look around the website. If you do not see exactly what you want, custom work is always welcome.

2 Comment(s)

Alcides Cerrud:
12/20/2017, 03:52:53 PM

Hola, soy panameño, y estamos interesados en conversar con ud. Mi hijo y yo nos dedicamo a trabajar la madera y hacemos mesas de domino. Sus diseños son excelentes. Puedes escribirme a mi correo que deseamos hacerle varias consultas. Saludosalcides cerrud

eddie hernandez:
03/05/2018, 10:45:15 PM

Hello there!Im, sure you've been asked this several times in the past. But I am curious if you've ever shared your schematics to build this? My father and I love building things together. Its a little hobby Ive learned to love doing with him. We've built our own 8 player poker table, re-finished an old olhausen pool table, re-built an old sewing machine table as well as an old wrought iron bench with wooden slats. Id love to build one of these with my dad, only I cant seem to figure out how you make them. I understand if you are not willing to share how to make to your table, but i figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. I'll give it my best shot by looking at your pictures, but I promise it wont be as perfect as yours. Your tables are beautiful, and a real work of art.An amateur carpenter... E. Hernandez

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