Wooden Table Legs Design

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We can build your table with high quality wooden legs that easily screw into place and are very sturdy and strong, no wobble.  We attach a rugged steel plate to the bottom of all four domino table underside corners and ship your wooden legs, stained or painted any color to match your table in the same box.  To assemble, simply screw each leg into place and you are done.  To remove, simply unscrew the leg and the domino table is portable and easily carried or put in your car trunk. Just specify "Wooden Table Legs" when checking out, it is a $25 upcharge but easily accommodated on your order.

1 Comment(s)

Donna Davis:
12/01/2017, 07:16:20 PM

Just placed order. Very nice product BTW! Wondering if you can make the wooden legs a square instead of an octagon? Also wondering if you make chess tables where the board is designed into the wood finish? Thank you for your time.

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